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River City Knitters Membership Application

Please PRINT                 Today’s Date  ________________

Name                           ___________________________________________

Email address  ________________________________________________

Street Address                        ___________________________________________

City                             ___________________________________________

Zip                               _______________

Phone Number            _______________________

Ravelry Name (if you have one)____________________________


Please check one:                                            Dues Included:

____  New Member                                         cash    ____

____  Renewal                                                check  #___


TKGA (The Knitting Guild Association) Member     ____yes  ____no

The Guild membership database is only available to members.  It is expressly for knitting contact and communication. Please indicate below if you want your information included on the membership list.

____  Yes, include my information on the membership list.

____  No, do NOT include my information on the membership list.

Please mail this completed form with a check for $30 made out to the River City Knitters to:

River City Knitters

10340 Sauna Dr

Chesterfield, VA 23236

RCK communicates via its Yahoo Group.  Handouts and files are available there also.  After you become a member, create an account on Yahoo, search for River City Knitters, and join the group.  If you prefer your RCK communications at another e-mail, you can change your preferences on your profile.



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